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Today I was reviewing my Internet links and discovered I had several lists of 100 things: 100 best movies as rated by the AFI (American Film Institute); 100 best novels of perpetuity; 100 locations to visit before you pass away. The number varies from 1 to 1000 or higher; the ‘thing’ to do before you pass away may be a location to travel, a daredevil event to attempt such as skydiving, a personal goal such as finishing a marathon, or to watch the 100 finest movies or read the 100 finest books. Limits to achieving items on these lists include time, money, desire, and that unidentified date in the future when you will die.

Have you ever produced a list of 100 things to do before you need yourself? If you have, congratulations! If you have not, it is as easy as taking out a piece of paper or notebook, numbering from 1 to 100, and filling up the list with anything you can consider. If you get struck there are a lot of site with ideas for items to add to your list, but it is far more engaging to create the list on your own on paper. You may lack things after 15 items, or you might wish to work out past 100. The larger you dream, the quicker you will get to 100. Once you finish the list you will observe that some items will be much simple to achieve than others (run a marathon is far more practical than check out the moon). Becoming a millionaire is attainable however it will probably take years of commitment, perseverance, and some luck. Becoming an expert athlete will take years of effort however will also depend upon the skills that God provided for you.

Getting back on track to the topic of time 100.

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And Even More…..

Back to the movie topic. A few years ago I decided to print out the AFI list of the 100 finest movies with the goal of viewing them all. The primary ranked movie from this list is Citizen Kane (1941), directed by Orson Welles, and the second is Casablanca (1942), directed by Michael Curtiz. I had actually currently seen a number of movies from the list maturing to include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Jaws (1975), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), and The Sound of Music (1965), so once I marked off every movie I had actually seen from the list were only about 51 to go. I rapidly learnt that the library is a great location to discover these movies, and by asking for the movies online through the library I would receive an email when the movie was offered to get. It is fantastic when you finally see some of these movies that you hear the well-known lines in their context, and you can permanently put the expression to the movie whenever you hear it.

Can I cross off my list that I have viewed the top 100 movies? Not. Every time I view one of these movies I am getting closer to the goal of crossing it off of my list. I am finding great enjoyment in watching these movies, so the driving force is more to add to my life experience than to cross it off my list.

Returning to the motivation tricks, there are a multitude of things you can do to keep yourself encouraged. Having this list of 100 things to do prior to you pass away and having a prepare for the small actions you can take each day will allow you range in what you can focus on when you are entirely stuck. Not every item on your list will be about earning money or travel. Have some relaxing, enjoyable goals too. I can watch a movie for relaxation that will get me closer to one of my life-time goals, and delight in a traditional while doing so.

More Thoughts On Time 100

Time has just issued their Time 100 list, acknowledging the most prominent people worldwide. This is the twelfth year that Time has produced the list that includes innovators, industry leaders, artists, researchers, scientist, activists, and political heavyweights. Individuals are chosen based upon criteria that aren’t precisely a certain science. There are people that occur to be popular as well as individuals that you have never heard of. Some people that make the list are effective, others are far from it. This year, Time recognized lots of people in the innovation industry. Of course, these sorts of individuals make the list every year, but this year, a tech expert made it to the top.

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The Whole Time 100 Enchilada

At the top of the list is a Google executive that helped to change a country. Mr. Ghonim assisted to change Egypt during the use of peaceful demonstrations and social media. Since of his efforts to unify the youth of a country during civil disobedience, he was even held in custody for a period time.

A couple of slots down is Reed Hastings, the co-founder and CEO of Netflix. Netflix has completely altered the method that people take a look at movies and digital home entertainment. You can get your kicks enjoying flicks that are provided to your doorstep or that are streamed live to your computer, game console or television. Netflix is now relocating the direction of producing initial programming, aligning them to end up being much more of a major player in the show business.

Are There Any Time 100 Secrets?

The often disputed founder of Facebook has made his place on the Time 100 list by remaining to belong on a social networking site that has no intention of reducing. People can connect, promote, share, discover love and whatever else you can think of. With continued innovation, Facebook is expected to end up being even more of a global phenomenon.

You can criticize Mr. Vesterbacka for all the time you spend playing ‘Angry Birds”. He is the Rovio executive that is accountable for establishing the game that has currently been downloaded 100 million times.

Much of the world was not all set to the Mr. Song brand name of muckraking and activism. The WikiLeaks founder did his civic duty to the world by publishing the secret and classified information online to hold countries, companies and regimes liable. Naturally, this was not getting well by the entities in question. Showing the reality for the world to see landed him on this list.

Since he is likewise the co-founder, the new CEO of Google isn’t new to the business at all. Since he assumed his new position on April 4th, he has actually been determined to shake things up. His new management position is set to keep Google at the leading edge.

This year saw major modifications for the Huffington Post co-founder. A merger with AOL has broadened the reach of Ms. Arianna Huffington.

This Chinese visionary found a method to obtain the approval of the Chinese government to have a social networking website. Although it is censored, the Chinese people have the ability to take pleasure in the limited liberty of having a place to link. With over 100 million users, Charles Chao’s Sina Web is Facebook and Twitter’s Asian pear.

These are just a few of the tech related matters that grace the list. I cannot wait to see who makes it next year.