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Claude Monet was born in Paris, France on November 14, 1840. His father wanted him to go into the family grocery business, but Claude, who was nicknamed’ Oscar’ by his parents, had other plans.

Claude wanted to become an artist. His mother was a singer, and so she encouraged him, though his father thought it was not a practical occupation. The family moved to Le Havre, in Normandy, when Claude Monet was about 11 years of age. He attended a high school of the humanities in Le Havre, and was mentored by Eugene Boudin, who taught him how to use oil paints, and took him to the beach at Normandy, to learn outdoor techniques for oil painting.

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He met an artist Eugene Boudin at the art school at Le Havre art school. Boudin later became his mentor. He taught Monet oil painting and also outdoor painting. In fact he had kindled the desire in Claude Monet to paint in the outdoors. He lost his mother quite early in life. He did nt finish his school and went to live with his aunt who had no children.

The Other Side Of Monet

Monet managed to sell charcoal sketches and caricatures to tourists for a few francs, even in his early teens.

In January of 1857, Claude’s mother died, and he he moved back to Paris to live with an aunt. He was 16 years of age at the time, and just beginning to find his artist’s voice in painting. Claude Monet was the founder and pillar of the brand-new Impressionistic school of painting. What happened was this– when he moved back to Paris, he saw all the other artists of his generation at the Louvre, diligently copying the Old Masters, and making art in imitation of the Old Masters. Claude Monet looked out the window instead, and painted what he saw there.

Claude Monet volunteered for military service at the age of 20 years. This was typical of his generation of Parisians, as the French had a warrant for military service for single young men. It was either voluntarily join the army or get married! There were exemptions for certain occupations but not that of an artist.

Claude Monet saw military service in Africa, in Algeria. He signed up for the entire seven years with the First Regiment of African Light Calvary (can you picture Claude Monet on a horse?) But only served two years, having contracted typhoid fever.

When Claude Monet returned to Paris from Africa, he met some seminal artists who were also disenchanted with traditional oil painting techniques. In the middle 1860’s Claude Monet was friends with Pierre-Auguste Renoir and a student of Charles Gleyre. They focused on painting light– the exact rendering of the object wasn’t as significant in the painting as the processing of the light and shadow; they used quick, short brushstrokes and dabbles of different colors to create this rippled, dappled, soft-focus effect, called Impressionism.

Monet’s first experience of critical success in the art world was’ Camille’ or,’ The woman in the Green Dress’–‘ La femme a la robe verte’; painted in 1866. Camille Doncieux, the template for the painting, would later become his wife.

Of all the many Monet paintings, and Monet was a prolific artist who lived a long life, I love the ones of Camille the best, though they’re probably not the most well-known or notable of his paintings. You can tell THESE pictures were painted with love. Camille has a completely enchanting face.

Camille Monet gave birth to their first child, Jean Monet, in 1868 and in 1870, the family moved to England at the onset of the Franco-Prussian war. Claude Monet was fascinated by John Constable’s paintings, also William Turner’s. Their paintings influenced Monet to develop Impressionism to a higher art and refine landscape techniques, making more vivid color a keynote of the painting.

The Monet family remained exiled from France for the life of the Franco-Prussian war; moving briefly to the Netherlands; visiting Amsterdam, but finally finding themselves back home in France, in 1871, in a village on the shores of the Seine, near Paris, called Argenteuil, where they settled down happily. Monet’s 1872 painting, called’ Sunrise’ hung in the very first Impressionist exhibition in 1874, in Paris.

In 1870, Monet went to London to escape the war at that time. In 1871, he returned home via the Netherlands. During this period, he had got access to the masterpieces by the old masters Frans Hals and Turner, and benefited a great deal from them. We can find this influence from his oil painting ‘Impression, Sunrise’ (Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris) created in 1872 in Le Havre. This had been exhibited in the first Impressionist exhibition. From then on, Monet had became the leading figure in the emerging art movement. Whether in his residence (from 1883 on he lived in Giverny), or the city which he had visited (from 1899 to 1901, he had visited London for three times), his works have attracted immense attention.

Camille Monet died of tuberculosis in September of 1879. She was the mother of two sons, having given birth of Michel Monet in March of 1878.

Claude Monet mourned her deeply. He moved; first to a house of friend in Vetheuil who helped him by looking after the children; later to Poissy. These Monet disliked on sight, and then finally to a lovely home in Giverny, in Normandy, where Claude Monet made the garden which was either the background or the focus of a large part of his most celebrated works of art.

By the late 1890 ‘s, Claude Monet was rich enough to purchase the house in Giverny. These he was only renting for the last ten years or so. His property had a painting studio in the barn; it had orchards and gardens and fields of poppies and lovely deep ponds with water lilies.

Claude Monet was a highly respected and successful artist to the rest of his life. His paintings sold well, and he got the time and leisure to develop serial paintings of the same theme, whether it be fields of poppies or water lilies or scenes from Italy, Venice, or the Rouen Cathedral, in different lights at different times of day, and using different color schemes.

What is really interested to know related to Claude Monet is the very fact that he began his artistic life by making and selling cartoons. The one who later influenced his life was Eugen Bounding. He is the person who initiates Monet in the mystery of using oil paints and the technique of air plenum, not being allowed in the academic painting.One interesting fact related to Monet Paintingsis that the artist paints series representing the same topic, released with different colors in different times of the day. However, the Monet paintings carry with them another secret that Monet loves to paint the controlled nature like his garden, pond, his bridge, and water lilies.

Monet paintings are being occupied with landscape painting, these providing the features of the movement called impressionism. One thing that is worth appreciating, when we imagine a famous person like Claude Monet is the very fact that he releases unique paintings, masterpieces due to which many other artists find a great inspiration for new ideas for their own paintings. The reason why such a good artist reached to paint unique images lies in the fact that Claude Monet never went on learning from other artists; he got ideas from his own friends and nature. This fact is another reason why Monet is considered as one of the key figures in the art of painting now.

Claude Monet, the noted French painter is unquestionably a very notable person of all times. This can be one reason that his paintings can be seen by millions of admirers nowadays. His Oil paintings for sale have the goal to play the function of a unique decoration in those people’s houses wishing to be very proud of getting the opportunity to be the owner of one of the Monet paintings.

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Claude Monet died on December 5, 1926, in his beloved Giverny home, of lung cancer, at the age of 86 years. His former home at Giverny now attracts tourists from around the world; it is required by the French Academy of Fine Arts.