Disney’s next STAR WARS feature a Challenge for the Studio

There is no doubt of STAR WARS’ durability as a franchise. Now in its 41st year, the series has prospered under the new stewardship of Walt Disney, though not without some bumps in the road. ROGUE ONE underwent a change in director and major reshoots after initial production. THE LAST JEDI did not but has not gone over as well with fans as the studio hoped.

However, the big question mark is SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Original directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller were hired to (presumably) bring the same sort of irreverent sensibility that made THE LEGO MOVIE such a critical and box office darling. However, part way through the filming of SOLO, the pair were let go. After a production break, veteran director Ron Howard was brought on board to complete the film and reportedly reshot a huge amount of the original material.

After a commercial hyping the release of the trailer during the Super Bowl, the spot appeared online today. Fan reaction has been mainly positive thus far, which no doubt comes as a relief to everyone at Lucasfilm and Disney. However, the fact that there was any trepidation at all with such a reliable property underscores the main problem here: Disney is making these things too quickly.

The release of the original films and prequels were each spaced three years apart. When SOLO hits theatres in a few months, it will be the fourth STAR WARS in only three and a half years. The fact that two of these four movies required a change of directors and major reshoots demonstrates a lack of care in the all-important conception stage. Could Disney’s haste be compromising their golden egg? It seems like a distinct possibility. We’ll know for sure this summer when SOLO’s reviews and returns start coming in.

Disney Has Another Impressive Line-Up of Movies for 2018

Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER stars Chadwick Boseman as superhero
T’Challa/Black Panther. Credit: Matt Kennedy/©Marvel Studios 2018

With such worldwide smashes as BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, the Walt Disney Company easily dominated the movie industry worldwide and look set to repeat that feat this year. In addition to its own celebrated animated and live action films, Disney also owns and distributes the output of Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar. All of these different branches of the company have come through with another great line-up of movies for 2018. Here’s a peek!

Feb. 16th: BLACK PANTHER (Marvel)

Rising star Chadwick Boseman plays the legendary comic book hero, getting his own vehicle after a memorable appearance in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.


Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon star in this lush adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1963 novel.


The greatest superhero team in the universe reassembles to take on the all-powerful Thanos, played by Josh Brolin. This entry also features none other than the Guardians of the Galaxy.


The next STAR WARS spinoff depicts the early days of everyone’s favorite intergalactic rogue, played here by Alden Ehrenreich.


Long-requested, this follow-up to the mammothly popular Pixar feature finally arrives this year.


Evangeline Lilly teams up with Paul Rudd for this follow-up to the 2015 Marvel hit.

Nov. 2: MULAN

Following the huge success of the live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, another beloved Disney animated featured is reinvisioned, with Liu Yifei as the resourceful Chinese heroine.


John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are back for this follow-up to the 2012 animated hit.

See you at the multiplex! In the meantime, here is the action-packed trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.


The True Cost Of Owning A Home

They know that one of the major expenses in college is the cost of housing, for a person who has ever been to college or is the parent of a child going to college. A lot of students know that housing is going to be expensive, but until they really see the numbers, they do not realize how expensive it is. The prices are high whether you’re staying in on campus housing or you’re staying off campus.

Unfortunately, this causes a great deal of students to select a college that they are able to commute to so that they’re able to live at home while at college. But this does not have to be.

Moving on.

The majority of grants which are given to the students are designed to help to lower the costs of going to college. This includes anything that is associated with college, including the tuition, the books, cost for housing, and the house and board. However, one of the forms that you can help to lower your housing costs is by sharing a house with a lot of roommates.

If, however, you find that housing expenses are still too great, there are private and public sources that you can get for different housing grants. One of these grants is something that is referred to as the Pell Grant which can help students and members of their families who’ve financial problems. There are also grants that private foundations award, or grants that come through the university which are based either on need or merit or possibly a mixture of the two.

If you’re going to try and obtain a grant, the first thing that you have do is to make sure that you’re filling out all the paperwork quickly and completely, especially if you’re trying for a Pell Grant, because the money that comes from these grants disappears quickly.

One of the things that college students should do is to make sure that they’re using the resources that they’re given very efficiently. When they’re given grant money for their education, it is a good idea for them to take the opportunity to learn how to properly budget their money.

Making money is very tough to do, because right now, the sole source of money in this game, are your facilities (breadmaker shops, clothes mending shops, etc). These are slow to earn you money. But if you wish to earn money very quickly, there are two buildings which can make it happen very fast.

But if things are really tight and students are not able to afford housing,, it is worth it to take a look and see what resources there are to assist with housing costs. Look at all of your options and get your applications in early.

What To Do When You Hit Your Credit Card Limit

The following article includes pertinent information that may lead to you to reconsider what you were thinking you understood. The most important thing is to examine with an open mind and be prepared to revise your understanding if necessary. Okay, in case you want even more material; see payday loans Houston.

Many credit card holders aspire for a higher credit card limit. The obvious reason for this situation is that a higher credit card limit enables the acquisition of otherwise unaffordable merchandise.

The most important thing to do for getting a higher credit card limit is to prove your credit worthiness. This is the first thing that banks and companies look for when giving a higher credit limit.

Continuing On…

Attract positive attention from the credit card company or bank by paying finance charges once in a while. Obviously, this isn’t advisable on a repeating basis and shall not be used as a measure of last resort to increase your chances of obtaining a higher credit limit. More about credit card limit: online pay day loans in Texas.

Proving to credit card companies and banks that you’re good ‘borrower’ can become a convincing way in order to have a higher credit limit. But be careful because this strategy also implies that you’ll be paying finance charges which can accumulate in a hurry.

And always remember, a higher credit card limit means greater purchasing power, but it likewise increases the likelihood of your having to pay more interest charges and other processing and late fees.

Always spend within your credit card limit because doing so means that you’re capable of controlling your expenses.

Use your credit cards regularly. Don’t keep your cards for emergency use only. If you use your credit cards sparingly, banks and credit card companies will not be able to understand your spending and pay-back behavior. Most banks and credit card companies will be reluctant to bring you a higher credit card limit under these circumstances.

Never make minimum payments. Instead, try to be paid for the entire outstanding amount. This will normally give you more chance of getting a higher credit card limit.

Avoid late payments as much as possible. Not only will your increase payment increase, but you may also required to pay an extra fine for not clearing bills on time. This will also dim your chances of obtaining a higher credit card limit.

The best and simplest strategy for getting a higher credit card limit is to use your credit card wisely. Always keep account of the fact that credit card companies keep a log of your proceedings and payment patterns, so always pay on-time.

The bottom line is that your performance in the proceedings of banks and credit card companies will determine whether you’ll get a higher credit card limit or not.

If you receive a credit card application that appears to provide a low monthly interest rate, do not make a decision until you turn it over and closely examine the Disclosure Box. In it you will find a more important measure of credit terms-the Annual Percentage Rate, or APR. By federal law, the Disclosure Box will also tell you whether or not the card has what is known as a grace period-a series of days, usually 25, until your purchase starts to accrue finance charges. If a card has a reasonable grace period and you pay off your balance at the end of each billing cycle, you will not have to pay finance charges. It is not difficult to find credit cards that offer these grace periods, so if the Disclosure Box does not declare one then throw the request in the trash and to seek a better offer.

If you do not have any credit history at all, a credit card company will not want to get you a very high credit limit, but it is probably best when you are just starting out. You do not wish to be tempted to go into serious debt with your very first credit card.

There are times when credit card companies will raise your credit limit after you have proven yourself to become a good, responsible customer. The credit card company doesn’t raise credit limits to be nice to you. They do it to make more profits for themselves. Just because your credit card provider upped your credit limits, it doesn’t mean you should up your own spending. It can create a vicious circle of debt you cannot afford to pay down.

Credit card spending should be used to your advantage. Pay your bills on time each month consistently so you can increase your credit score and cement yourself as a responsible credit card holder. Make sure you only spend the money on credit that you have sufficient cash to back up. Each time you make a credit card purchase take the cash equivalent and put it in the bank so you’ll always be assured you get the money to pay off credit card balances in full from one month to the next.

Ideally you wish to pay off your balance each month to avoid paying any finance charges. However, when that is not possible it’s important to know the real cost of items you purchase. The annual percentage rate, divided by 12 months, gives you the periodic rate that will be used to your outstanding balance each month. You can estimate what your monthly finance charge will be by multiplying the periodic rate times the outstanding balance. It may sound complicated at first. However, taking the time to learn this simple equation can make a significant difference in how you use your credit card.

When you are able to find out how much you actually spend on an article that you do not pay off at the end of the month, it might help you to withstand the temptation to over-use your card. An item that you wish to buy might be available for sale at the time you purchase it. However, if you do not pay off your balance at the end of the month then those finance charges can dramatically increase the exact amount you will end up paying.

Most business credit cardholders know that it isn’t good to just spend and spend to meet the impulse of the moment. When used properly, credit cards can actually help businesses get what they need and want. Some banks offer zero interest rates on installment purchases for up to twelve months. This is particularly helpful to homemakers and working mothers as it will enable them to stretch their monthly income by paying for a fat-ticket item over twelve months instead of immediately.

This article’s coverage of public information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the prospect that future research could uncover new facts.